What is a Vibrosphere?

Vibrosphere® is similar to an unstable balance platform  used to work with patients with different  neurological pathologies, but with the peculiarity that the platform machine vibrates. Vibrations can vary from 25-45 Hz (beats per second) and can be maintained over time between 15 and 90 seconds.

The vibration causes activation of tonic muscle fibers, thereby improving the posture adaptations and causing an improvement in static balance. In addition, the inclinations of the platform will result in  postural adjustments due to the activation of phasic muscle fibers, thereby improving the dynamic balance.

How does vibration work?

– A combination of several  receptors along with neuromuscular fuses send information through different  pathways to cerebellum and to  the thalamus. At the same time, vibration stimulates vestibular receptors that send the information to the vestibular nucleus of the brain.

– The cortico-spinal system activates axial postural muscles  that are responsible for postural adaptations and balance reactions.

At  Step by Step Foundation,  the Vibrosphere® is an excellent treatment tool for patients with neurological disorders. However, It is very important for our physiotherapists to combine this vibration platform with the training of postural tone and a proper postural control in order to obtain the desired functional benefits.

The Vibrosphere® helps us to improve major sensory-motor problems common to all our patients with neurological disorders such as balance disorder and instability due to low muscle tone or spasticity.


vibrosphere3Depending on the desired benefit, the  physiotherapists place the patient in a specific position. The most common are:

– Sitting position: where vibration will act activating the muscle tone of pelvis and core.

-Standing position: In this position we will focus on balance training. All muscle groups of the spine and lower limbs should ensure stability through a balanced co-contraction.

– Upper limb:  We use it in upper limb flexor patterns in order to increase the extensor tone needed to reach proper arm movements.


Finally, it’s important  to notice  that the Vibrosphere® has some use limitations such as:

– Hip and knee prostheses.

– Pregnancy.

– Hypersensitivity and hyperexcitability.

– Bleeding.

– Seizures.

– Ostheosynthesis material

– Pacemaker


Mónica Escuder

Step by Step physiotherapist

Posted on abril 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

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